Friends at the barWhile every event is unique, there are some elements that are common to practically every event. Once you take care of these five things, about 90 percent of your party planning is finished.

At Parties Marketplace, we specialize in helping party planners just like you plan the perfect event. Whether it is an informal get-together among friends or a black-tie formal affair at the most spectacular ballroom in town, you can always find what you need to complete your party at Parties Marketplace.

Party Directory Broward — Location, Location, Location

The first and most important question to answer when planning an event is where it is going to be held. The location of your event can determine the answers to many other important questions.

For example, if you host an event at a hotel or banquet facility, you probably are going to use their catering, whether it is in-house or a contracted caterer.

The location you choose will also determine how large your party can be and even what amenities you can provide, such as a dance floor, a buffet line, and so on.

The second big question is your menu. One of the benefits of choosing a location with a built-in caterer is that they can provide menu options.

Party Directory Broward — The Other Big 3

The other important decisions are what kind of entertainment you will provide, what kind of bar (if any) you plan to offer, and who you should invite to your event — in other words, the size and composition of the guest list.

Once you have these five major elements determined — location, menu, bar, entertainment, and guest list (size) — most of the important decision-making is finished.

Choosing these critical elements of your party is simple when you use Parties Marketplace. We can connect you with all the important businesses you need — including venues, caterers, entertainers, and more — to make your next event a smashing success!



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